What to Look for When Hiring a Property Management Company in Manati

What to Look for When Hiring a Property Management Company in Manati

As a property owner, you're likely juggling various, time-consuming tasks: tenant screening, maintenance requests, rent collection, and more. Without help, you could drown under a sea of paperwork and to-do lists. Don't worry; with help from a Manati property management company, you can save time and money.

There are over 296,000 property management businesses in the US. The industry has grown by 2.1% since last year. These newer businesses, however, lack experience.

Don't choose one of these inexperienced property management companies! Instead, read on to find property managers you can trust with your rental properties today.


Before requesting property management in Manati, look into each company's experience. Remember, new companies pop up every year. Determine how long each company has operated in Manati.

These experienced teams will have efficient processes in place. They'll have access to resources you can use to your benefit. Their state-of-the-art technology can save you time and money while ensuring efficiency.

Check each company's credentials. Determine if the company and its property managers are licensed.

Ask if the property managers have completed training with any professional trade organizations. Their certifications can speak to their level of expertise.

Ask each company how many properties they're currently managing. If they're responsible for too many properties, they might neglect yours. Determine how they maintain multiple rental properties at once.


Think about the problems you've faced when managing your rental properties. Determine which property management service will help you avoid that problem in the future. Look for property management companies that offer a range of services.

Their property management services might include:

  • Marketing
  • Rent collection
  • Tenant screening
  • Property maintenance
  • Financial reporting/accounting
  • Evictions
  • Property inspections
  • Legal services

Ask how they determine rent prices. About 60% of rental units in Puerto Rico are equal to or higher than the estimated fair market price.

Make sure their services include the use of state-of-the-art technology. A property management team that uses the latest technology can streamline operations.

Ask about the types of properties (residential, HOA, commercial, etc.) they manage. Make sure their expertise is relevant to your needs.

Fee Structure

Ask each company about their fee structure. Most companies are paid based on the rental income from the property. However, you should remain aware of added charges.

Make sure all fees are put in writing to avoid miscommunication later.

Ask the company if you can pick and choose which services you'll pay for. You shouldn't pay for services you don't need.


Read online reviews to find the best property management service in the area. Companies with a glowing reputation will want to maintain it. These companies are more likely to prioritize their clients.

They'll offer the best services to keep their customers happy.

Hire the Best Property Management Company

Don't rush to choose a local property management company. Instead, do your due diligence. Choose a company that can meet your needs and expectations.

Want to simplify your search? PMI Puerto Rico is a full-service real estate asset company. We have years of experience providing prompt, professional services. Your property is an important investment in your future and ours.

Contact us today for help with your property management needs.