Vacation Rental Property: Tips for Success and Profit in Puerto Rico

Vacation Rental Property: Tips for Success and Profit in Puerto Rico

Last year, tourism generated a whopping $8.9 billion in Puerto Rico. These numbers have shot up since the pandemic, and promise to continue upwards.

This is a perfect business opportunity for those who own a vacation rental property. But you will need to make your holiday home stand out against competitors to get bookings.

This article provides you with a selection of vacation rental hosting tips. Implement these and you will see the bookings rolling in.

Create an Exceptional Listing

Vacation rental listing optimization is a great way to boost bookings. Most people will do research online before choosing where to stay. So you only get one chance to capture their attention.

Beautiful, high-quality photos of the property are worth investing in. Try and capture all the unique aspects of your property. It will also make your listing look more professional and inviting.

Give a detailed description of the property, including local shops and restaurants. You can also describe what attractions and activities are close by.

Talk about any outside areas you have, like gardens or balconies. Decorate them with fairy lights and plants to give a welcome feel.

Provide a Personal Touch

Big hotel and apartment chains often only give very functional customer service. Being a smaller rental property allows you to give guests a vacation to remember.

When renting your home to travelers, personal touches go a long way. Leave guests a welcome note, toiletries, and fresh flowers to make them feel at home.

Invest in quality items for your vacation property for a better customer experience. Comfortable beds and good-quality linen will make your property feel more luxurious.

You can also provide amenities, like Wi-Fi, streaming services, and board games. Leave the kitchen equipped with plenty of utensils so guests can make great meals.

Running an exceptionally clean vacation property is also a must. Giving a thorough cleaning between visits will keep everything fresh and sanitized.

If you find it hard to make time for cleaning, get some support. Hiring a vacation rental property management company is a great option. They can organize regular cleaning so you don't have to!

Focus on Great Customer Service

Being a friendly and communicative host will make a great impression on visitors. Always be responsive to queries from guests and give clear answers.

If you find you are getting similar questions, then create a guest book. This can highlight all the essential information they need to make their stay easier.

You can also ask previous guests to give reviews and feedback on their stay. This shows them that you are serious about improving their experience.

Having guest-friendly policies will also make your property more appealing. This includes things like flexible booking policies around check-in/out and cancellation.

Boost Vacation Rental Property Bookings

These vacation rental property tips might seem simple, but they can create a huge return. Going the extra mile will ensure a successful long-term business.

Hiring a vacation rental property management company is a smart move for landlords. PMI Puerto Rico are experts in the local real estate market, so are well suited to helping you grow your business.

We offer support in tenant liaison, vacation rental insurance coverage, and more. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation with us to find out more!